Project History

Commissioned by Landmarks for the Dell Medical School, O N E E V E R Y O N E includes photographs of more than five hundred members of the Austin community. Rooted  in the idea that human touch and intimacy are the most essential means of contact and the fundamental expression of physical care, the project welcomed the participation of all who had either provided or received care.

Nancy Princenthal, art critic and faculty member of the School of Visual Arts, contributed the artist essay, which provides greater detail about Hamilton and her work.

Funding for O N E E V E R Y O N E was provided by the capital improvement project for Dell Medical School. This project would not have been possible without generous assistance from many including: Dean Clay Johnston, John Daigre, Ricardo Puemape, Lisa Jones, and the Dell Medical School; Pat Clubb and University Operations; Dean Douglas Dempster and the College of Fine Arts; Bob Rawski and the Office of Facilities Planning and Construction and project managers Jim Shackelford, Bill Simpson, and Chris Upton; David Rea and the Office of Campus Planning and Facilities Management; the Campus Master Planning Committee; the Landmarks Advisory Committee; Page Sutherland Page; Ann Hamilton, Nicole Gibbs, Jessica Naples, Nicole Rome and the Ann Hamilton studio; and Vault Fine Art Services.