Audio Tour

A student on campus closely looking at "The West" by Donald Lipski while wearing ear buds and listening to a Landmarks audio tour on his smartphone.

Photo by Marsha Miller

Listen to the free audio tour either in podcast or download format. The recording provides an introduction to Landmarks with individual tracks that feature each artist represented in the collection.

The music that accompanies the audio tour recordings is by Russell Pinkston, professor of Music Composition and director of Electronic Music Studios at The University of Texas at Austin. The segments are from “Synthony for Flute, Piano, and Tape,” recorded in 1985 on Music for Instruments and Electronic Sounds.

A complete version of the tour is available in the following formats:

Enhanced RSS Podcast (MP4 version with images)

Standard RSS Podcast (MP3 version)

mp3—Best for iTunes or Winamp
Audio tour for mp3 Players. This option will download a single file that contains the entire tour. This version does not contain individual tracks for each artist that may be played in any order.

mp4—Best for Quicktime
Enhanced audio tour podcast for Quicktime. This option will download individual tracks containing audio and images for each artist that may be played in any order.

Subscribe to the podcast using an aggregator with podcasting capabilities such as i-Tunes or Winamp. The podcast will feed individual tracks for each artist into your media player that may be played in any order. Information about podcasting is available on Wikipedia.