February Playlist by Justin Sherburn

18 September 2020

Last November, we launched Listening with Landmarks, a digital initiative in which Austin music notables are invited to create playlists iin response to works from the Landmarks collection. With contributions from Peter Bay, Jackie Venson, Walker Lukens, John Aielli, Graham Reynolds, Molly Burch, and others, the playlists cut across musical genres to include opera, reggae, Tejano, country music and more.

We are pleased to announce season two of Listening with Landmark, featuring monthly playlists from a dynamic new lineup of Austin music favorites. Launching with a playlist from troupadour Bob Schneider, this year's contributors also include: Samona Berry (KAZI), DJ Boyfriend, Tiarra Girls, Black Joe Lewis, Alex Lyon (Bubble Studios), Como Las Movies, Justin Sherburn, and Ann Wilson (KMFA). The new season will also feature guest playlists from the Austin community, selected by Landmarks staff.

Listening with Landmarks builds upon existing Landmarks programs designed to engage the music community and provide new ways for experiencing our collection. Stay updated on the latest releases by following our Spotify channel, social media accounts, and website. 

Justin Sherburn - 15 January, 2021

Justin Sherburn is a composer, producer, and musical director based in Austin, Texas. He writers, arranges, and records at his home studio in Montopolis, Texas. He received a B.A. in English from The University of Texas at Austin in 2003. Sherburn's music can be heard on PBS programming and appears regularly on Augistin radio station KUT. Justin has composed for television, theater, and dance performances. 

Listen below or on Spotify to Lyon's playlist inspired by Beverly. Pepper's Harmonious Triad


Alex Lyon - 15 January, 2021

Alex Lyon joined The Bubble Recording Studio in Austin, Texas as a partner in 2002. With years of experience at renowned studios across the Northeastern US under his belt, Lyon has been instrumental in the local recording field. With his steady hand and golden ear, Lyon has led the development of the Bubble into a supercharged music production facility that is precision-designed for artists to record their music just the way they intend, in perfect balance from start to finish. Follow The Bubble Recording Studio on Facebook and Instagram.

Listen below or on Spotify to Lyon's playlist inspired by Cassey Reas' A Mathematical Form of Communication.


DJ Boyfriend - 15 December, 2020

Boyfriend ATX is Ezra Edwards, born and raised in Austin, Texas. Boyfriend has been a DJ and event producer in Austin since 2010 and has been voted Austin Chronicle's Critic's Choice Best "Lez Get the Party Started DJ" in 2014. Boyfriend was also voted Winner of Best DJ of ATX in 2017, 2018, and 2019. In addition, Boyfriend ATX has raised funds for local causes such as Planned Parenthood, SAFE Austin, Out Youth, The Texas Advocacy Project for Equality TX and is dedicated to serving the community and having fun. Keep up with Boyfriend ATX on Facebook and Instagram.

Listen below or on Spotify to Boyfriend ATX's playlist inspired by Deborah Butterfield's Vermillion.

Black Joe Lewis - 15 November, 2020

Austin-based Black Joe Lewis is a contemporary singer and guitarist with a bent for vintage blues, soul, and R&B. Backed by his band, The Honeybears, Lewis draws inspiration from legendary "shouters" such as Howlin' Wolf, Wilson Pickett, and James Brown, as well as smoother crooners including Sam Cooke. In 2009, Esquire listed Black Joe Lewis and The Honeybears as one of the "Ten Bands Set to Break Out at 2009's SXSW Festival." And in 2017, his album, Backlash debuted at number 3 in the Billboard Top Blues Album Charts. You can find Black Joe Lewis on Facebook, Instagram, and Spotify

Listen below or on Spotify to Black Joe Lewis' playlist inspired by Casey Reas' A Mathematical Form of Communication.

Tiarra Girls - 15 October, 2020

Tiarra Girls are the fierce sisterhood of Tiffany, Tori, and Sophia Baltierra of Austin, Texas. The band has garnered three-time Austin Music Awards and are also alumnae of The Ann Richards School. With many musical influences both in English and Spanish, the power trio delivers an eclectic sound and anthemic lyrics celebrating a message of unity and empowerment. Keep up with Tiarra Girls on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Listen below or on Spotify to Tiarra Girls' playlist inspired by James Turrell's The Color Inside

Bob Schneider - 21 September, 2020

Bob Schneider is an Austin-based musician and artist. He has studied visual art - his other primary passion - at the University of Texas El Paso, before moving to Austin and establishing himself as a musician. Schneider has won more Austin Music Awards than any other musician, including Best Songwriter, Best Musician, and Best Male Vocals, rounding in at 54 total awards to date. He continues to perform and create new music, even writing poetry, and regularly showing his visual art in galleries around Austin. Keep up with Schneider on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Listen below or on Spotify to Schneider's playlist inspired by Hans Hokanson's Source.


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