Naming "C-010106"

Oppenheimer names works of art according to an alpha-numeric system. Each character indicates spatial relationships and other unique properties, such as perception and sight lines, light and air flows, and physical access. However ordered the typology may seem, it arises from a deeply personal system that is modified over time and results in titles that can be idiosyncratic. While they attempt to define the qualities and character of each piece, they also reveal insights into the evolution of Oppenheimer's understanding. 

Because the artist's titles raise general curiosity about their meanings, the below definitions are provided to help decode the name C-010106:

C = Shorthand for cinema, defined as the way an image is perceived as a dimensional projection on a flat surface. 

0 = The adjacency of one form over another; in this work glass is above and below the bridge surface.

1 = Flow indicates that light passes through the form.

0 = Flow indicates that air circulates through the form.

1 = Flow indicates sight lines; that one can look downward and upward through the form. 

0 = Flow indicates physical passage; that a person cannot walk through the form.

6 = The boundary (of the bridge surface) can be physically occupied both above and below.

This chart offers a more detailed view into Oppenheimer's naming classifications. Although the system may evolve, this typology was used to name C-010106 in 2022.