Poetry Project

Words to Wordlessness
H. L. Hix

North: aurora

Seeing that sees
sees not some thing
not the else concealed
not the invisible the god.
Naught but itself sees
sight seeing seeing sight.

East: terminator

Why think the sun’s sinking
casts up earth’s shadow
into not-yet-quite-night?
Why not say that same shadow
sends down the shamed sun
into never-was-quite-day?

South: radio-bright bodies

Deep space does speak
quasar calls to quasar
past what spectrum we see
outside what storylines we learn.
A tune. Attune.
Over here. Overhear.

West: twilight arch

As silence absents
not sound but self
so does darkness lessen
loss not luminescence.
Don’t ask this light
which world sent it us