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Top 10 Arty Ways 2020 Was the Best Year Ever
Barbara Purcell, The Austin Chronicle, 18 December 2020
1) VIRTUAL SKYSPACE: James Turrell's The Color Inside on the UT campus is closed for the time being, but you can still visit the famed oculus through the mind's eye with this online meditation. 

Have You Seen This Colorful Surprise on UT’s Rooftop?
Kelli McDonald, The Austinot, 20 August 2014
When a bird flew inches above our oval cutout, some of us gasped and then laughed at our response. Our slowly changing focal point had shifted suddenly and shot us out of a relaxed, contemplative state and back to the reality that we were staring at something ever-changing, yet accessible: the sky. 

Go Toward the Light: James Turrell’s "The Color Inside" Will Warm You Inside
Sarah Thurmond, Austin Monthly, 12 February 2014
If you have yet to venture to The Color Inside, you’re in for a real treat. Situated on the rooftop of the Student Activity Center at the University of Texas, this “Skyspace” by artist James Turrell is part meditation room, part art installation. 

Van Ryzin: Public art takes a leap forward
Jeanne Claire van Ryzin, Austin American-Statesman, 04 January 2014
It was a single tree — a fairly average-size cedar elm that in any other Central Texas landscape wouldn’t have seemed remarkable. 

Skyspace art stars fête James Turrell for UT installation
Shelley Neuman, CultureMap Austin, 24 November 2013
James Turrell’s Skyspace, The Color Inside, has found a happy home at UT’s Student Activity Center (rumor has it that the limited-audience installation atop the building, which is free but often requires advance reservations, is booked through the end of the month), and much credit for bringing the piece to campus is due to Andrée Bober, the founding director of UT’s Landmarks Program. 

Texas's Love Affair with James Turrell
Francesca Mari, Texas Monthly, 28 October 2013
“Terry Malick and James Turrell have been talking about doing a movie,” said Hiram Butler of the Hiram Butler Gallery in Houston, referring casually to the Austin director Terrence Malick. Butler, wearing a bowtie, has represented Turrell for 28 years and has been instrumental in establishing Turrell’s reputation, having sold more of Turrell’s art than anyone else—mostly to Texans. 

The Color Inside: A James Turrell Skyspace at The University of Texas
Hilary Pearson, Citygram Austin, 04 November 2013
As you approach The University of Texas at Austin’s Student Activity Center, you are immediately taken by its modern exterior – the great windows that cover the building allow light to stream through from within at any hour of the day or night. 

Love Affair Between One Artist and Texas
Francesca Mari, The New York Times, 26 October 2013
The morning before the opening of “The Color Inside” at the University of Texas, Austin, last week, James Turrell, the artist, was pushing melon around his fruit plate and holding forth on the psychology of perception. 

Skygazing with James Turrell
Anne Harris, The Austin Chronicle, 25 October 2013
We had read about artist James Turrell, the “sculptor of light,” last spring when his arresting Sunday New York Times Magazine cover story surfaced from under the pancakes.