Project History

Commissioned by Landmarks for the Dell Medical School, O N E E V E R Y O N E includes photographs of more than five hundred members of the Austin community. The project welcomed the participation of all who had either provided or received care.

Funding for O N E E V E R Y O N E was provided by the capital improvement project for the Dell Medical School. This project would not have been possible without generous assistance from many, including:


Andrée Bober and Landmarks
Pat Clubb and University Operations
Douglas Dempster and the College of Fine Arts
Gregory Fenves and the Office of the President
Clay Johnston and Dell Medical School
Landmarks Advisory Committee
Bob Rawski and the Office of Facilities Planning and Construction
David Rea and the Office of Campus Planning and Facilities Management
Frederick Steiner and the Campus Master Planning Committee

Project Team

Nisa Barger, project manager, Landmarks
Andrée Bober, curator and director, Landmarks
Ann Hamilton, artist
Veronica Harris, Office of Facilities Planning and Construction
Page Sutherland Page
Jim Shackelford, Office of Facilities Planning and Construction
Bill Simpson, Office of Facilities Planning and Construction
Chris Upton, Office of Facilities Planning and Construction
Vault Fine Art Services


Central Health/Southeast Health and Wellness Center
The Contemporary Austin
Dell Children's Medical Center of Central Texas
Seton Healthcare Family
Dell Medical School
Department of Art & Art History
Humanities Institute
Huston-Tillotson University
North Central Health Center
The Senate Chamber at the Texas State Capitol
Visual Arts Center
Westminster Retirement Community

Special Thanks

Adam Boley, photography assistant
John Daigre, Dell Medical School
Deb Duval, event coordinator
Kara Gut, Ann Hamilton Studio
Gilles Heno-Coe, Landmarks
Lisa Jones, Dell Medical School
Emily Kelly and the Visual Arts Center
Jennalie Lyons, development, Landmarks
Nicole Monahan, Ann Hamilton Studio
Jessica Naples, Ann Hamilton Studio
Emily Nobel, translator
Nick Nobel, external relations, Landmarks
Nancy Princenthal, curatorial contributor
Ricardo Puemape, facility manager, Dell Medical School
Jack Risley, Department of Art & Art History
Nicole Rome, Ann Hamilton Studio
Carl Solway, Carl Solway Gallery
Pauline Strong and the Humanities Institute
Gary Susswein and University Communications
Stephanie Taparauskas, development, Landmarks
Amanda Tofflemire, Dell Medical School
Catherine Zinser, education, Landmarks