Project History

In 2011 Landmarks acquired Circle with Towers, one of LeWitt’s last concrete block structures. Located just east of Speedway outside the main entrance to the Gates Dell Complex, the work can be enjoyed not only as an abstract art form, but also as a social gathering place. Over a period of a few months in 2012, Landmarks worked with an expert from the LeWitt estate and a team of local masons to construct the piece, which had been exhibited in 2005 by the Madison Square Park Conservancy.

This project was funded through the capital improvement project of the Department of Computer Science. Landmarks would like to thank them for their generous support and many others, including:


Andrée Bober and Landmarks
Pat Clubb and University Operations
Douglas Dempster and the College of Fine Arts
Landmarks Advisory Committee
Bruce Porter and the Department of Computer Science
William Powers and the Office of the President
Bob Rawski and the Office of Facilities Planning and Construction
David Rea and the Office of Campus Planning
Samuel Wilson and the Faculty Building Advisory Committee

Project Team

Andrée Bober, curator and director, Landmarks
Mark Brooks, Office of Facilities Planning and Construction
Bill Butler, Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects
Austin Commercial
Nisa Mason, project manager, Landmarks
Rustam Mehta, Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects
Rudd & Adams Masonry, Inc.
Jeremy Ziemann, master mason, LeWitt Estate


John P Adame
Christoper J. Alejos
Jesse Carbajal
Rico Aruizo Epifanio
Gustavo L. Gaytan
Isacc Hernandez
Alfredo Martinez
Oscar Martinez
Reymundo Medina
Robert Montalvo
Carl Bermudes Pacheco
Gerardo Sanoteli
Albert A. Suniga
Kenneth O. Tarter Jr.
Arthur Trujillo
Francis Munoz Vazquez
Jeremy Ziemann

Special Thanks

Fran Gale, School of Architecture
Sarah Hunter
Debbie Landau and Madison Square Park Conservancy
Sophia LeWitt and the LeWitt Estate
Beth Palazzolo, administrative coordination, University Operations
Veronica Roberts, curatorial contributor
Anthony Sansotta, LeWitt Estate
James Shackelford, Office of Facilities Planning and Construction
Patti Spencer, Department of Computer Science