Project History

Landmarks commissioned two new works by artist Beth Campbell for Dell Medical School. Her drawing and corresponding mobile mimic the twists and turns of complex structures such as the human nervous system, an arboreal root system, or social networks. Delicately charting the human condition with all the gravity and humor of real life, Spontaneous future(s), Possible past reveals the interconnectedness of shared experience.

Funding for Spontaneous future(s), Possible past was provided by the capital improvement project for Dell Medical School. Landmarks would like to thank to the following:


Darrell Bazzell and Financial and Administrative Services
Andrée Bober and Landmarks
Douglas Dempster and the College of Fine Arts
Gregory Fenves and the Office of the President
Clay Johnston and Dell Medical School
Landmarks Advisory Committee
James Shackleford and the Office of Capital Planning and Construction
Campus Master Planning Committee
David Rea and the Office of Campus Planning and Project Management?

Project Team

Nisa Barger, project manager, Landmarks
Andrée Bober, curator and director, Landmarks
Beth Campbell, artist
Ron Pauley, Page Sutherland Page
Brock Rindahl, Capital Planning and Construction
Vaughn Construction
Vault Fine Art Services
Catherine Williams, Silver Lining Art Conservation

Special Thanks

Kathleen Brady Stimpert, deputy director, Landmarks
Glenn Deaver, Dell Medical School
Deb Duval, event coordinator, Landmarks
Lisa Jones, Dell Medical School
Emma Kirks, operations, Landmarks
Logan Larsen, intern, Landmarks
Jennalie Lyons, development, Landmarks
Marla Martinez, Financial and Administrative Services
Maggie Mitts, collections management, Landmarks
Timothy Morton, curatorial contributor
Ricardo Puemape, Dell Medical School
Danny Lane Russell, design, Landmarks
Stephanie Taparauskas, development, Landmarks
Kate Werble, Kate Werble Gallery
Catherine Zinser, education, Landmarks