Project History

In 2011, Landmarks commissioned a digital animation by artist Monika Bravo for the renovated Jackson Geological Sciences Building in the Jackson School of Geosciences. The commission was put on hold from 2013-2019 due to technical difficulties with the intended site. In 2020, Landmarks proposed a new site within the building for the work, to which the artist and the Jackson School of Geosciences agreed. The work was modified to reflect time passed and was installed on the second floor of the building in 2020. Inspired by the geological data mined by scientists in the building, the site-specific animation enhances the architectural setting by digitally weaving together data and natural landscapes.

Funding for An Interval of Time was provided by the capital improvement project for the Jackson School of Geosciences’ Holland Student Center. Landmarks gives special thanks to the following:

Andrée Bober and Landmarks
David Darling and the Office of Campus Planning and Facilities Management
Douglas Dempster and the College of Fine Arts
Jay Hartzell and the Office of the President
Landmarks Advisory Committee
Claudia Mora and the Jackson School of Geosciences
James Shackelford and Capital Planning and Construction
Larry Singell and the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost

Project Team
Nisa Barger, project manager, Landmarks
Andrée Bober, curator and director, Landmarks
Monika Bravo, artist 
Bill Haddad, technology manager, Landmarks
Patrick Sheehy, installation services 

Special Thanks
Sana López Abellán, Monika Bravo studio
Ombretta Agró, former curatorial contributor
Andrea Ault, associate director, Accounting
Paul Bardagjy, photography 
Christopher Bell, associate dean, Jackson School of Geosciences
Mark Brooks, project manager
Anton Caputo, communications, Jackson School of Geosciences 
Pat Clubb, former vice president for University Operations
Nicole Evans, assistant dean Jackson School of Geosciences 
André Fuqua, development, Landmarks
Christine Gwillim, education, Landmarks
Andrea Keane, event planner, Landmarks
Camilo Leyva, Monika Bravo Studio 
Mary Margaret Kennedy, operations, Landmarks 
Karen Marco, intern, Landmarks
Marla Martinez, Financial and Administrative Services 
McKinney York Architects  
Alexandra Mendez, curatorial contributor, Landmarks 
Sharon Mosher, former dean, Jackson School of Geosciences
Juan Carlos Ortiz, Monika Bravo Studio
Umut Ozover, Monika Bravo Studio
Bill Powers, former university president
David Rea, former vice president of campus planning
Stephanie Sandoval, communications, Landmarks
Rend Shamma, Monika Bravo Studio
Christopher Stella, facilities, Jackson School of Geosciences
Kathleen Brady Stimpert, deputy director, Landmarks
Stephanie Taparauskas, development, Landmarks
Keith Westmoreland, Capital Planning and Construction
Robert (Thom) Wolfe, former project manager 
Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery
Reagan Woodlock, design, Landmarks
Ali Wysopal, collections, Landmarks
Jade Yuman, Monika Bravo Studio