Project History

Eamon Ore-Giron project history  

Landmarks commissioned artist Eamon Ore-Giron to create a work of art for the Seay building (SEA), which houses the Department of Psychology. Funding for Tras los ojos (Behind the Eyes) was provided by the SEA capital improvement project for the College of Liberal Arts. Landmarks gives special thanks to the following:  



Andrée Bober and Landmarks 
Jay Hartzell and the Office of the President  
Landmarks Advisory Committee  
Ramón Rivera-Servera and the College of Fine Arts  
Ann Stevens and the College of Liberal Arts 
The Office of Business Strategies and Operations
The Office of Financial and Administrative Services
Sharon Wood and the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost  


Project Team  

Nisa Barger, project manager, Landmarks   
Andrée Bober, curator and director, Landmarks 
Duggal Visual Solutions, printing and fabrication   
Bill James, project manager, Campus Construction  
QA Construction Services, Inc., construction  
Eamon Ore-Giron, artist  
Robert Gonzales, art installation  


Special Thanks  

Paul Bardagjy, photography 
Grant Barger, facilities director, Liberal Arts ITS  
Richard Carpenter and RC Creative, videography 
Frank Bross, collections, Landmarks   
Ondine Chavoya, Department of Art and Art History 
Alexandra Clark, assistant professor, Department of Psychology 
Anoush Crane, event planner, Landmarks  
Jane Cohan, James Cohan Gallery 
Madeline Divine, graduate student, Department of Psychology  
Audrey Duarte, professor, Departments of Psychology and Neurology  
Jacqueline Evans, associate professor, Department of Psychology  
André Fuqua, development, Landmarks  
Bill Haddad, technology manager, Landmarks   
Arianna Hernandez-Baptiste, education, Landmarks 
Hirokazu Horikoshi, QA Construction Services, Inc.  
Logan Larsen, communications, Landmarks  
M.E. Laursen, The Contemporary Austin  
Dorothy Lin, design, Landmarks  
sharon maidenberg, The Contemporary Austin
Julie Le, The Contemporary Austin 
Alex Klein, The Contemporary Austin 
Tyler Megehe, Campus Construction 
Marie Monfils, professor, Department of Psychology  
Liz Myrick, department manager, Department of Psychology 
Rachel Nawi, studio manager, Eamon Ore-Giron studio 
David Norr, James Cohan Gallery 
Meaghan Perry, conservator, Momentum Conservation  
Franco Pestilli, associate professor, Department of Psychology  
Florencia Portocarrero, curatorial contributor 
Brian Roberts, associate dean and director, College of Liberal Arts   
Emily Ruotolo, James Cohan Gallery 
David Schnyer, chair, Department of Psychology  
Marina Stark, project manager, Dugal Visual Solutions  
MacKenzie Stevens, director, Visual Arts Center 
Kathleen Brady Stimpert, deputy director, Landmarks  
Stephanie Taparauskas, development, Landmarks 
Joe TenBarge, former assistant dean, Liberal Arts ITS   
Thao Votang, operations, Landmarks  
Catherine Whited, education, Landmarks  
Chen Yu, professor, Department of Psychology