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Magdalena Abakanowicz, Figure on a Trunk, 2000
Willard Boepple, Eleanor at 7:15, 1977
Louise Bourgeois, Eyes, 1982
Deborah Butterfield, Vermillion, 1989
Anthony Caro, Veduggio Glimpse, 1972-1973
Walter Dusenbery, Pedogna, 2007
Raoul Hague, Big Indian Mountain, 1965-1966
Koren Der Harootian, Prometheus and Vulture, 1948
Jim Dine, History of Black Bronze I, 1983
Juan Hamilton, Curve and Shadow, No. 2, 1983
David Hare, The Swan's Dream of Leda, 1962
Hans Hokanson, Source, 1977
Bryan Hunt, Amphora, 1982
Frederick Kiesler, Winged Victory, circa 1951
Donald Lipski, The West, 1987
Seymour Lipton, Guardian, 1975
Seymour Lipton, Pioneer, 1957
Seymour Lipton, Catacombs, 1968
Bernard Meadows, Augustus, circa 1962
Robert Murray, Chilkat, 1977
Eduardo Paolozzi, Figure, circa 1957
Beverly Pepper, Harmonious Triad, 1982-1983
Joel Perlman, Square Tilt, 1983
Antoine Pevsner, Column of Peace, 1954
Peter Reginato, Kingfish: An Homage to Tim Moore, 1986
Tony Smith, Amaryllis, 1965
Ursula von Rydingsvard, Untitled (Seven Mountains), 1986-1988
Anita Weschler, Victory Ball, 1951