What is Landmarks' Mission and Commitment to Diversity?

Landmarks' Mission

Landmarks inspires thought and growth by presenting public art at The University of Texas at Austin. We believe that great art should be free and accessible to all.

Landmarks' Commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility

Believing that art fosters personal growth and human connection, Landmarks strives to provide inclusive experiences for all people. We recognize the exclusionism, elitism, and historical imbalance of power in the arts and in higher education. Our work embraces a commitment to self-examination, accountability, and adaptability. By creating equitable opportunities for meaningful engagement with public art, our program reflects the diverse communities we serve and celebrates our differences.

DEIA+E Definitions

Diversity: Welcoming people with varied backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, and identities.   

Equity: Recognizing and working to remedy historical, systemic, and hidden inequalities by creating opportunities that are just and fair. 

Inclusivity: Inviting meaningful participation through collaborative and respectful environments. 

Accessibility: Providing pathways that mitigate barriers to engagement. 

Engagement: Building understanding and connection through observation, interpretation, dialogue, and participation.