Curated Playlists by Austin Music Notables

06 January 2020

In November 2019 Landmarks launched Listening with Landmarks, a digital initiative featuring playlists curated by prominent musicians, composers, radio personalities, and others from the Austin music scene. Inspired by works from the Landmarks collection, the playlists cut across musical categories to include genres such as opera, Tejano, rock, reggae, and country. Two playlists are released each month and are available on Landmarks' website, social media channels, and on Spotify

For centuries, art has served as a source of inspiration for musicians. Exploring this synergy and tapping in to Austin’s love of music, Listening with Landmarks will provide new points of entry for engaging with the university’s public art collection and offer insight into the musical stylings and tastes of Austin music notables, including (in alphabetical order): John Aielli, Emilio Alvarez, Peter Bay, Stephanie Bergara, Molly Burch, Liz Cass, Morgan Davis, Gavin Garcia, Nick Gregg, Matthew Hinsley, David Hunter, Walker Lukens, Steve Parker, Graham Reynolds, Lesly Reynaga, Steve Savage, Sara Schneider, Patrick Slevin, and Jackie Venson. 

Listening with Landmarks builds upon existing Landmarks initiatives designed to engage the music community. In 2015, Landmarks partnered with Texas Performing Arts, the Butler School of Music, and Fusebox Festival to develop Sound in Sculpture, an annual program featuring original music compositions written in response to select works in the collection. Earlier this fall, Landmarks launched Songs in the Skyspace, a new series featuring musical performances inside James Turrell’s Skyspace, The Color Inside

David Hunter - 3 August, 2020

Dr. David Hunter is the Librarian Emeritus for UT Austin Libraries. He has published articles on music bibliography, music librarianship, music reference sources, and George Frideric Handel. He is currently writing a book provisionally titled "Handel's Enemies: Biography, Conflict and a National Hero." 

Listen below or on Spotify to Dr. Hunter's playlist inspired by Nancy Rubins' Monochrome for Austin

Morgan Davis - 13 July, 2020

Morgan Davis is the Editor in Chief and contributor for Ovrld, an Austin-focused music blog. Ovrld is the only Austin music publication dedicated to local artists, providing in-depth interviews, reviews, photo essays, features and more. Davis is also Artist Manager for Kady Rain, J Goons, Jukebox, Croom, Curbside Jones, and Quentin Arispe. 

Listen below or on Spotify to Davis' playlist inspired by José Parlá's Amistad América.

Patrick Slevin - 29 June, 2020

Patrick Slevin is the founder of Austin Soundwaves. Formed in 2011, Austin Soundwaves makes music learning accessible and equitable to more than 300 students in grades 1-12 across Central Texas. He received degrees in Music and Urban Studies from Northwestern University and completed the "Sistema Fellows Program" at The New England Conservatory. Patrick has taught in over 15 El Sistema-inspired programs in the United States, Mexico, and in Venezuela. He is a past board member and Governance Committee Chair of El Sistema USA and is a member of the Community Advisory Board for KMFA Classical 89.5. 

Listen below or on Spotify to Slevin's playlist inspired by José Parlá's Amistad América


Joe Williams - 15 June, 2020

Joe Williams is the Artistic Director and Composer for Austin Classical Guitar. Inspired by our time and the myths we create, Joe makes music for people. His most recent works, including together, dream and i/we (winner of the Austin Chronicle prize for Best New Composition of 2017), are community-oriented, collaborative and multimedia projects focused on expanding our understanding of each other.  You can learn more about Austin Classical Guitar by following their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  

Listen below or on Spotify to Williams' playlist inspired by Nancy Rubins' Monochrome for Austin

Steve Parker - 1 June, 2020

Steve Parker is a composer, musician, and multi-disciplinary artist. He has worked as a Fulbright Scholar and a Harrington Scholar and has been the recipient of awards from the National Endowment for the Arts, New Music USA, the Copland Foundation, the Puffin Foundation, and others. As a current faculty member at The University of Texas at San Antonio, Parker directs the Trombone Studio, the Trombone Choir, and teaches courses in Electronic Music, Sound Art, New Media, Music Business, and Music Marketing. 

Listen below or on Spotify to Parker's playlist inspired by both of Sol Lewitt's pieces, Circle with Towers and Wall Drawing #520.

Emilio Alvarez - 20 May, 2020

Emilio Alvarez is an on-air host at KMFA. 89.5 - Austin's Classical Music Radio Station. He is a lifelong cellist and served as principal cellist of the Southwestern University and Trinity University Orchestras in San Antonio, Texas. Alvarez frequently performs with indigenous music groups, experimental free jazz bands, and classical ensembles. Catch him on weekdays from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. on Breakfast Blend.

Listen below or on Spotify to Alvarez's playlist inspired by Beth Campbell's Spontaneous Future(s), Possible Past.

Matthew Hinsley - 4 May, 2020

Matthew Hinsley is the Executive Director of Austin Classical Guitar and has worked to support broad concert, outreach, and educational programming to build the nation's largest classical guitar nonprofit organization. Dr. Hinsley was trained as a classical guitarist and vocalist at Interlochen Arts Academy, the Oberlin Conservatory of Music, and the University of Texas at Austin. You can learn more about Austin Classical Guitar by following their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Listen below or on Spotify to Hinsley's playlist inspired by Juan Hamilton's Curve and Shadow, No. 2.


Nick Gregg - 20 April, 2020

Nick Gregg is the bandleader and founder of Mother Falcon, a symphonic rock band from Austin, Texas. Founded in 2008, Mother Falcon performs internationally with a 12-16 member ensemble and has garnered "Best Avante-Garde" Artist in the Austin Music Awards category. Check out Mother Falcon on Spotify, Facebook, and Instagram.

Listen below or on Spotify to Gregg's playlist inspired by Michael Ray Charles' (Forever Free) Ideas, Languages and Conversations.


Sara Schneider - 6 april, 2020

Sara Schneider is a music historian and DJ host on KMFA 89.5 | Austin's Classical Music Radio Station. Schneider has interviewed early music luminaries such as Ton Koopman, Anonymous 4, Jordi Savall, and the late Gustav Leonhardt. Schneider hosts "Breakfast Blend" weekdays from 6am - 10am and "Early Music Now" every Sunday at 10am.

Listen below or on Spotify to Schneider's playlist inspired by Walter Dusenberry's Pedogna. 

Graham Reynolds - 23 March, 2020

Graham Reynolds is one of Austin's most celebrated composers. Reynolds creates, performs, and records music for film, theatre, dance, rock clubs, and concert halls with collaborators ranging from Richard Linklater and Jack Black to Ballet Austin and more. You can follow Reynolds on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Listen below or on Spotify to Reynolds' playlist inspired by Ursula von Rydingsvard's Untitled (Seven Mountains). 


Lesly reynaga - 2 March, 2020

Lesly Reynaga is a singer and songwriter originally from Monterrey, Mexico who now calls Austin home. Declared as "one of Austin's most formidable pop songwriters", writes the Austin American Statesman, Reynaga's music transcends language, culture and musical genres. Check out Reynaga on Instagram, Facebook, and Spotify

Listen below or on Spotify to Reynaga's playlist inspired by Robert Murray's CHILKAT.

Steve Savage - 17 February, 2020

Steve Savage is the Station Manager and DJ at KAZI, Austin's premiere black radio station. His DJ career first began in California at high school sock-hops and transitioned with his move to Austin to owner and operator of the S and S Record Pool and Mobile DJ, Inc. After volunteering for KAZI from 1986-1996, Steve became manager and now hosts every Monday and Tuesday, 9am - 12pm and Tuesday and Friday, 1pm - 3pm.

Listen below or on Spotify to Savage's playlist inspired by Louise Bourgeois's Eyes

John Aielli - 3 February, 2020

John Aielli is the longtime favorite DJ at KUT and has hosted KUT's radio show, "Eklektikos", since the early 1970's. Known for his quirky words of wisdom and diverse musical selections on air, John has become one of Austin's local legends in the music scene. You can listen to "Eklektikos with John Aielli" Mondays - Thursdays from 6am - 8am on KUTX 98.9

Listen below or on Spotify to Aielli's playlist inspired by Marc Quinn's Spiral of the Galaxy


Liz cass - 20 January, 2020

Liz Cass is the Executive Director of Armstrong Community Music School and a celebrated opera singer. As the originator of the mezzo role in Graham Reynold’s opera, “Pancho Villa: From a Safe Distance”, Cass recently garnered an Austin Critic’s Table Award for Best Singer. Follow her on InstagramFacebook, and her website to keep up with her performance schedule.

Listen below or on Spotify to Cass’ playlist inspired by the Landmarks collection.  


Walker Lukens - 6 January, 2020

Walker Lukens is a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist based in Austin. Known for his eclectic song-writing abilities, his latest album ADULT has received praise from Billboard, NPR’s All Songs Considered, and more. Stream ADULT on Spotify and check out Lukens on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Listen below or on Spotify to Lukens’ playlist responding to Hans Hokanson’s Source.


Stephanie Bergara - 23 December, 2019

Stephanie Bergara is the lead singer of the Austin-based Selena tribute band Bidi Bidi Banda. Bergara is also a programmer for the City of Austin Music and Entertainment Division and organizer of Chingona Fest. Find Bergara on Spotify and Instagram and find Bidi Bidi Banda on Instagram.

Listen below or on Spotify to Bergara's playlist responding to José Parlá's Amistad América



Molly Burch - 9 December, 2019

Molly Burch is an Austin-based singer, songwriter, and musician. Her new album The Molly Burch Christmas Album is available on Spotify, Amazon, and Apple Music and find her on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Listen below or on Spotify to Burch's playlist responding to Anita Weschler’s Victory Ball.


PETER BAY - 25 November, 2019

Peter Bay is the Music Director and longest serving conductor of the Austin Symphony Orchestra. 

Listen below or on Spotify to Bay's playlist responding to Deborah Butterfield's Vermillion. 


Jackie Venson - 18 November, 2019 

Jackie Venson is an Austin-based singer, songwriter, and musician. Praised for her guitar playing, Venson graduated from Berklee College of Music in 2011. Venson's new album Joy is available on Spotifyitunes, and Amazon and find her on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook

Listen below or on Spotify to her playlist responding to Magdalena Abakanowicz's Figure on a Trunk


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