Landmarks Video 2016 - 2017 Season

A hand with fingerless gloves reaching out to a hand with dried paint on it

Alex Da Corte

September 2016
A man swinging a raw steak on a rope while a dog bites his sleeve

Miguel Angel Ríos

October 2016
A woman making a strange face

Tameka Jenean Norris

November 2016
A man in a long Native American headdress and large pumps sitting on a horse

Kent Monkman

December 2016
A sideways leg in front of a bookshelf

Douglas Gordon

January 2017
A fingerprint on a backward cutout of the letter A

Ann Hamilton

February 2017
One man smiling

Kehinde Wiley

March 2017
A lipsticked open mouth surrounded by liquid

Marilyn Minter

Now Screening
A woman in a bra with a plastic bag over her head

Cheryl Donegan

On View 
May 2017