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While Reas has always primarily been an artist, finding his voice in the medium of generative software required some hard-won technical skill. “My direction in emergence, automation, systems and data with a focus on motion, change and growth require working in code.”



A conceptual piece, which Computer Science Chair Bruce Porter likens to an artistic analog of a computer algorithm, is meant to tie in thematically with the already-installed sculptural works by Sol LeWitt on display at the Gates Dell Complex.


When a bird flew inches above our oval cutout, some of us gasped and then laughed at our response. Our slowly changing focal point had shifted suddenly and shot us out of a relaxed, contemplative state and back to the reality that we were staring at something ever-changing, yet accessible: the sky.

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12/09/13 - 01/09/14

And That’s The Way It Is, Ben Rubin’s projection in Walter Cronkite Plaza, is temporarily out due to maintenance. Please check back for an announcement when it is up and running again. Thanks for your patience.

06/20/13 - 08/20/13

Landmarks included in Austin cultural destination.

06/12/13 - 08/16/13

Works by Juan Hamilton and Robert Murray will be temporarily off view due to nearby construction.

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