A large black sculpture

Landmarks has acquired a second work of art by artist Nancy Rubins. Drawing (2007) will be installed within the Norman Hackerman Building adjacent to her massive assemblage of aluminum canoes and small boats at the corner of 24th Street and Speedway Drive in early 2017.

Four people cutting a ribbon in front of large bronze shell sculpture

On the morning of 24 October 2016, Landmarks hosted a public ceremony in which Spiral of the Galaxy, a tremendous seven-ton bronze sculpture by British artist Marc Quinn, was unveiled. 

The public gathering was led by Landmarks director Andrée Bober and included remarks by Clay Johnston, dean of Dell Medical School, Doug Dempster, dean of College of Fine Arts, and Pat Clubb, vice president for University Operations. They spoke in front of the elegant conch shell which stands nearly 11 feet tall and more than 16 feet wide on the northeast corner of 15th and Red River Streets.

The spiral of a large bronze shell

Since catapulting into prominence in the early 1990s, contemporary artist and sculptor Marc Quinn has investigated the intersections of art and science with a variety of mediums. Throughout his career, Quinn has also explored the idea of the human body in relation to perceptions of beauty in critically acclaimed projects such as Self (1991), a cast of the artist’s head made from ten pints of his own frozen blood, and Alison Lapper Pregnant (2005), a marble sculpture depicting disabled artist Alison Lapper, among others.

A woman with short hair smiling

News broke last week about two new additions to the Landmarks collection. Marc Quinn’s Spiral of the Galaxy will anchor the gateway to the Dell Medical School in September and Ann Hamilton’s O N E E V E R Y O N E will be installed in multiple buildings at the Dell Medical School in January. The projects will have scholarly essays written by UT doctoral candidate Robin Williams (Quinn) and art historian and critic Nancy Princenthal (Hamilton).

A large shell and a figure with a stethoscope

Landmarks today announced two significant additions: the recent acquisition of Marc Quinn’s 2013 sculpture, Spiral of the Galaxy, to be unveiled on 24 October 2016; and the commission of O N E E V E R Y O N E, a community-based photography project by Ann Hamilton (January 2017). Both works will be installed at the university’s Dell Medical School and are funded through a percent-for-art allocation that sets aside one-to-two percent of capital improvement projects for the acquisition of public art.

Red sculpture seen from below

Professor Min Liu and her Digital Media Tech and Learning class in the School of Undergraducate Studies visited Landmarks again this semester. After a tour of the collection, students broke into groups and chose one of the works to highlight in a video. The assignment taught students to use video editing tools and to think about effective ways to communicate with digital media.