A woman touching a screen
photo by Christina S. Murrey

Portrait Session for Ann Hamilton, O N E E V E R Y O N E, 2017

Ways to Support

Contribute to the character and excellence of The University of Texas at Austin by supporting Landmarks.

Financial Gifts

  • Collections Care and Maintenance—All works in the Landmarks collection receive routine care and necessary conservation. Your gifts help pay for the cost of keeping the art structurally sound and looking beautiful.
  • Educational Opportunities—Educational lectures, original scholarship, audio guides, children’s activity guides, and docent-led tours are all provided free to the public.

Public Art and other In-kind Donations

Gifts of public art that support the curatorial program are considered, as well as other in-kind contributions of goods and services.


Visit the volunteer page for more information.

For more information about supporting Landmarks, please call 512.495.4315 or email landmarks@austin.utexas.edu.


Thank you to the following Landmarks contributors:

James Armstrong—Larry Connelly
Suzanne Deal Booth
Charles Moore Foundation
Paula and Daniel Daly
Susan and Michael Dell
Dyal and Partners
Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation (EHTF)
Fd2s Integrated Wayfinding Solutions
Felvis Foundation
Funny Garbage
Deborah Green and Clayton Aynesworth
Jeanne and Michael Klein
Petie and Bryan Lewis
Kathleen Irvin Loughlin and Christopher Loughlin
Charlene and Tom Marsh
Chris Mattsson
Fredericka and David Middleton
James A. Miller
Leila Mischer
Diane and Charles Ofner
Overland Partners Architects
Peter Walker Partners Landscape Architects
Lora Reynolds and Quincy Lee
Still Water Foundation
The Tapeats Fund
Texas Commission on the Arts
Miriam and Jeffrey Ward
Jill and Stephen Wilkinson
Viewers Like You
Jess and Jimmy Younger