Ben Rubin For Older Children

silhouette of building facade

And That's The Way It Is


Ben Rubin

American, born 1964

Subject: Responding to space

Activity: Partner drawing

Materials: Grid paper and drawing supplies (pencils, crayons, markers, etc.)

Vocabulary: Grid, projection


Ben Rubin is a visual artist who works with video projections. In this work, he combines text from current and past television news broadcasts, looking for patterns in speech and grammar. Many of Rubin's previous pieces follow a grid pattern, and this one uses the grid of the building as a frame. While in this piece he usually follows the grid to guide his projections, he also sometimes breaks out of the boundaries of the grid.


Where do you see Rubin responding to the grid?

How do you see Rubin breaking the boundaries of the grid?


On a sheet of paper, draw a grid similar to the building’s design. (These can be prepared in advance.) Using images, words, or both, create a design within the lines of the grid; don’t draw anything in the “window” spaces. When you’re done, trade drawings with a partner. On your partner’s sheet, extend their design into the window designs, but don’t draw anything on the grid.


Grid —A series of evenly spaced lines going across and up and down a surface

Projection —A film image reproduced on a surface