Friday, 01 January 2021 to Sunday, 31 January 2021

Adrián Balseca

Suspensión I, 2019
Ecuadorian, born 1989

Digital 4K
5 min., color, sound
Courtesy of Han Nefkens Foundation

Balseca's Suspensión I (2019) is a work that draws attention to the correlation between environmental destruction and daily life in the Amazon jungle. Shot in the middle of the Amazon forest in Ecuador, the videos shows a cut of a tall balsa tree trunk from which containers of local fossil fuels are hung in suspension. 

Screenshot of Adrián Balseca's "Suspensión I"



Monday, 01 February 2021 to Sunday, 28 February 2021

Howardena Pindell

Free, White and 21, 1980
American, born 1943

12:15 min., color, sound
Courtesy of the artist, The University of Texas Libraries, and Garth Greenan Gallery, New York

In Pindell's Free, White and 21 (1980), the artist recounts racism she has experienced as a Black woman coming of age in America. She portrays the stark divide between Black and white Americans by appearing as both herself and as a white woman who discounts the artist's experiences throughout the piece. 

Screenshot of Howardena Pindell's "Free, White and 21"



Monday, 01 March 2021 to Wednesday, 31 March 2021

Guido van der Werve

Nummer Twee: Just because I'm standing here doesn't mean I want to, 2003
Dutch, born 1977

35 mm film
3 minutes 8 seconds

© Guido van der Werve; Courtesy of the artist, Luhring Augustine, New York, GRIMM, Amsterdam, and MONITOR, Rome

Nummer Twee (2003), begins with a stunt by the artist as he appears to be knocked down in the middle of a street by a car. What happens next is a cinemtographic dreamland with ballerinas that enter the shot, performing around the artist. The surreal combination of images creates a piece that intersects between film, video, and performance art. 

Screenshot of Guido van der Werve's "Nummer Twee"



Thursday, 01 April 2021 to Friday, 30 April 2021

Athi-Patra Ruga

Over the Rainbow (Queens in Exile Series), 2016-2017
American, born 1989

Single channel HD video
9:27 min., color, sound
Courtesy of the artist and WHATIFTHEWORLD Fallery, Cape Town, ZA

Over the Rainbow (Queens in Exile Series) (2016-2017) is an experimental work that captures the artist's imaginary world rooted in African mythology, contemporary queer culture, and South African politics.

University of Texas Landmarks - Represents screenshot of athi putra?itok=lHvtP uQ



Saturday, 01 May 2021 to Monday, 31 May 2021

Thao Nguyen Phan

Becoming Alluvium, 2019
Vietnamese, born 1987

Single channel color video
16:50 min., color, sound
Courtesy of Galerie Zink Waldkirchen, Germany

Becoming Alluvium (2019) showcases the artist's research into the Mekong River and the cultures that it nurtures. Through allegory, the work explores the environmental and social changes caused by the expansion of agriculture, by overfishing and the economic migration of farmers to urban areas.

Screenshot of Thao Nguyen Phan's "Becoming Alluvium"



Tuesday, 01 June 2021 to Wednesday, 30 June 2021

Michael Robinson

The Dark, Krystle, 2013
American, born 1981

HD Video
9:34 min., color, sound
Courtesy of the Video Data Bank at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, 

The Dark, Krystle (2013) is a collage video that parses through the 1980s TV soap-opera, Dynasty. The artist collects and edits clips of the female protagonists, drawing attention to their signature gestures, which also persist through endless costume and hairdo changes. 

Screenshot of Michael Robinson's "The Dark, Krystal"