Landmarks Video 2022 - 2023 Season

Landmarks Video presents the most highly regarded and influential works of video art from the past six decades. Each month, the work of one artist is featured in the ART building atrium, located on the corner of East 23rd Street and San Jacinto Boulevard. 

Please note that some videos may not be appropriate for all audiences.

A still of "Single Wide" in which a car has crashed through a single wide trailer.

Teresa Hubbard / Alexander Birchler

September 2022
A still from David Claerbout's "The pure necessity"

David Claerbout

October 2022
A still from Sofía Gallisá Muriente's "Asimilar y destruir (Assimilate & Destroy) I and II."

Sofía Gallisá Muriente

November 2022
A still from Ulysses Jenkins' "Secrecy: Help Me to Understand."

Ulysses Jenkins

December 2022
A still from Cecilia Vicuña's "Semiya (Seed Song)"

Cecilia Vicuña

January 2023
A still from R. Eric McMaster's "Pendulum"

R. Eric McMaster

February 2023
A still from Kristin Lucas' "Host"

Kristin Lucas

March 2023
A still from LOS JAICHACKERS (Julio César Morales & Eamon Ore-Giron)'s "Subterranean Homesick Cumbia_Remix"

LOS JAICHACKERS (Julio César Morales & Eamon Ore-Giron)

April 2023
A still from Ezra Wube's "Mela"

Ezra Wube

May 2023