Learning with Landmarks

Learning with Landmarks is a dedicated blog series highlighting the unique and innovative ways that students and other scholars use the collection. Landmarks’ blog, Latest, features timely updates on new installations, public programs, event announcements, volunteer and internship opportunities, and a range of other initiatives. To view the entire series, click the button below.

A group of students surround Deborah Butterfield's "Vermillion" a horse sculpture made from scrap metal.

This summer Landmarks welcomed students from the UT Prep program, organized by UTeach Outreach. The program aims to increase access to STEM-based educational opportunities for students from underserved communities and backgrounds. Learn more about the workshop and activities in Landmarks Blog. 

A woman sits in James Turrell's Skyspace, "The Color Inside" during the day. The sun shines through a hole in the ceiling.

Research shows that looking at art is a proven technique for stress relief. Landmarks’ collection, including James Turrell’s Skyspace, The Color Inside, offers space for contemplation and opportunities for relaxation every day. Earlier this summer, we spoke with Dr. Rosa Schnyer, (DAOM, IFMCP, L.AC.) a doctor of Chinese medicine, functional clinician, and professor in the School of Nursing who uses Landmarks’ in her teaching and practice. In her seminar at UT Austin, “The Science of Mindfulness, the Art of Attention”, Dr. Schnyer focuses on actionable techniques to lower and manage stress. In this blog she spotlights the research behind mindfulness and wellness practices for her students, including the benefits of engaging with art.

A group of people do wall sits in Sol LeWitt's "Circle with Towers"

In May, Landmarks partnered with the Fitness Institute of Texas for a movement-infused tour of the collection. Landmarks’ education intern, Abby Drake, reflects on the tour and recounts the innovative ways the collection inspired physical activity and movement.

12 May 2022
Education Coordinator, Catherine Whited looks at a mobile inspired by Beth Campbell's "Spontaneous Future(s), Possible Past(s)."

This semester, I had the great privilege of working with Mk Haley and her students for the course, Themed Entertainment Design. As part of this Arts and Entertainment Technologies class, Professor Haley challenged her students to reimagine what an art tour could look like using highly engaging tools from gaming models. With Landmarks as their inspiration and the renegade tours of Museum Hack as their guide, each student chose a work in the collection and applied the principles of “Games, Guides, and Gossip”: 

A photo of Thomas Rodriguez; He is smiling and has brown hair and black glasses on and is wearing a navy blue jacket

Landmarks recently announced the return of Sound in Sculpture, our annual collaboration with the Butler School of Music and Texas Performing Arts. In advance of the program, we sat down with one of this year’s composers, Thomas Rodriguez. A 3rd year undergraduate student pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Music and a Minor in Arts Management and Administration, Rodriguez wrote a work inspired by Joel Perlman’s Square Tilt.

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Girl Day 2020: Making monumental sculptures out of everyday office supplies 

By Marissa Dunagan


Girl Day at UT Austin is an annual event hosted each February by the Cockrell School of Engineering as part of Engineers’ Week. The university-wide event invites elementary and middle school girls to participate in STEM-based activities to learn about engineering and technology. The tradition that began in 2001 with 91 participants expanded in 2020 to reach 8,000 young girls.