Anthony Caro For Older Children

Silhouette of sculpture

Veduggio Glimpse


Anthony Caro

British, 1924 - 2013

Subject: Landscape

Activity: Draw or paint an abstract landscape

Materials: Paper and paint or colored pencils

Vocabulary: Landscape, abstract, depict, representational


Anthony Caro named this sculpture after the city in which he made it, Veduggio, Italy; however, he insists that the sculpture does not depict anything realistically. Even though the work is called _Veduggio Glimpse_, it is not actually an image of Veduggio. Caro’s experiences and feelings as well as the metal he works with inspire him. In his artwork he strives to make sculptures about those experiences and materials without making representations of them. In spite of this, to many people this sculpture looks like a landscape, or art that depicts scenery or a setting, like the city or the country.


If this does not look like a landscape, what does it look like?

Does art always have to depict something?

Can art be about nothing at all?

If you did not know the title of this sculpture, what would you think it depicted?


Think of a landscape you know well. Maybe it is the view outside from your bedroom window, or somewhere you ride past in the car or on the bus everyday. It can be in the city or country. Make a quick sketch of the landscape on paper. Using paints or colored pencils, make an abstracted version of this landscape. Draw shapes and lines but don’t worry about your art being representational or accurate. Use shapes and colors that represent how you feel about the place, rather than how the place looks.


Abstract —Expressing a quality apart from the way an object appears to the eye; the opposite of realistic

Depict —To represent with a picture

Landscape —A wide view of scenery

Representational —Depicting people, places, and things as they appear or are seen