Monika Bravo For Older Children

Black and white icon image of digital animation on display

An Interval of Time


Monika Bravo

Colombian, born 1964

Subject: Moving image 

Activity: Create a moving image with multiple layers. 

Materials: strips of colored paper and parchment paper 

Vocabulary: layers, forms, dynamic, weave/weaving     


Artist Monika Bravo combines many different images and shapes to make an animation. Notice how the various forms come together to make a more dynamic work. Bravo, who has a background in fashion and photography, weaves together elements that often do not go together—like numbers, letters, images of nature, and shapes —into one final moving image that is continually changing.  


What forms in this work of art do you recognize? Do they look different than how you might usually see them?  

Choose the individual shape you find the most interesting. Why did you choose it? Do you think it goes with the things around it? How do the surrounding elements change the way you look at it?  


Using a marker, draw any shape onto one of the strips of paper. Then, think of another version of that shape; think of giving it a different edge or changing its size. You could add numbers or words to change the original shape. Draw the new shape on the parchment paper strip. Continue with this process for each piece of paper and parchment that you have. Weave the strips into one another until you have a rectangle.  Move the pieces back and forth. How does each new element change the original layer?  


Monika Bravo is interested in the subject of time and uses the idea of time in much of her art. The title of the work of art includes “interval” which means the break between two events. 

Look again

Look at An Interval of Time for as long as you can. Challenge yourself to notice every detail in the animation, then look back at your own creation. How are they similar? How are they different?  


Weaving – Joining strips or pieces together to make a larger whole   

Dynamic - Many parts in motion 

Layer - A certain section of material on a surface 

Form - A shape, outline, or object in an artwork