Nancy Rubins For Younger Children

Silhouette of sculpture

Monochrome for Austin


Nancy Rubins

American, born 1952

Subject: Shapes and Space

Activity: Seeing Double!

Materials: Pictures below and your imagination

Vocabulary: Materials, space


Some artists create works of art that make you take a second look! Nancy Rubins takes boats and canoes that you normally see in the water and puts them in the air. 


Can you name other materials that artists can use to make sculpture? 

Have you seen other sculptures that are made out of unusual materials? 

Do you like to see works of art that make you take a second look? Why? 


Download the activity guide and look at the small drawings. Explain what you see. Use your imagination to come up with more than one answer.

Try drawing your own simple pictures and let your friends imagine what they could be. 


Monochrome for Austin is made from 70 aluminum boats and canoes. 

Look again

Now look back at Monochrome for Austin and describe what you see. Does it look different to you now? 


Materials - The supplies artists use to make a work of art. Paint, chalk, wood, and stone are all materials.

Space - The area in and around a sculpture.