Monika Bravo For Younger Children

Black and white icon image of digital animation on display

An Interval of Time


Monika Bravo

Colombian, born 1964

Subject: Moving image 

Activity: Create an image with two layers. 

Materials: parchment paper, marker, found objects from nature, scissors 

Vocabulary: layers, animation, forms, geology, weaving 


Artist Monika Bravo uses a computer to make many layers of images. In this work, notice how many shapes come together to make a large moving image. 


What do these forms look like to you? 

How do you think the artist came up with these forms?


Using a marker, draw a shape from nature onto a piece of parchment paper, then, think of a similar shape, and draw the second one onto the other piece of paper. Have an adult cut each piece of paper into long strips. Weave the strips together until you have a rectangle. What happened to the shapes you drew once you cut them up and weaved them back together?  


This work deals with the subject of geology which is the study of the Earth. The Earth has many layers of different soil and rocks. 

Look again

Take this activity a step further by searching for and collecting objects with interesting shapes out in nature. Try tracing these objects and layering each traced outline with the various found objects you selected. What types of objects are easiest to trace? Which object’s outlines look best together?  


Animation - Many images in a pattern that look like a moving object 

Geology – The study of Earth and rocks  

Weaving – Joining strips or pieces together to make a larger whole   

Layer - A certain section of material on a surface 

Form - A shape or outline of a shape