Learning with Landmarks: Communicating with Digital Media

29 March 2016

Professor Min Liu and her Digital Media Tech and Learning class in the School of Undergraducate Studies visited Landmarks again this semester. After a tour of the collection, students broke into groups and chose one of the works to highlight in a video. The assignment taught students to use video editing tools and to think about effective ways to communicate with digital media.

Last year, two videos were featured in a Learning with Landmarks blog. This year, Landmarks staff viewed each video and voted on their favorite submission. The stand out was produced by Pooja Muddasani and Kaivan Shah. They created a striking video featuring Clock Knot by Mark di Suvero. Their long, sweeping shots captured the surrounding evironment and the use of contemplative quotes about the passing of time added a nice touch.

Great job Pooja and Kaivan!

Image of red sculpture known as

Watch Clock Knot, produced by Pooja Muddasani and Kaivan Shah