Landmarks Video: November 2020

Hiraki Sawa

Dwelling, 2002

Japanese/British, born 1977

Digital single channel video

9:20 min., b&w, sound

Copyright Hiraki Sawa. Courtesy James Cohan, New York

Dwelling (2002) showcases several model airplanes taking off, soaring and landing in different rooms of an apartment unit. As the viewer watches each airplane travel through each empty room and across different fixtures, the paths from each plane evoke a sense of emptiness and mind-wandering motion.

For the safety of our community, Landmarks Video may be viewed freely by those who have BACS access to the ART building. For general access, please make an appointment to visit the Visual Arts Center

Event Date
03:06 pm - 03:06 pm
Screenshot of Hiraki Sawa's "Dwelling"