Landmarks Video Presents "Walking on Carl Andre" by Sylvie Fleury

Aptly termed “glamorous provocation” by Index Magazine, Sylvie Fleury’s work also figures as postmodern, post-feminist Pop art. Walking on Carl Andre (1997) functions as a cool yet playful form of retribution in response to Andre’s censure of a Fleury installation. Collectors in Geneva allowed her to film women walking on Andre’s work in high heels. The sight of stylish, colorful, “feminine” footwear thwarts viewers’ expectations and visually overpowers Andre’s art.

Walking on Carl Andre by Sylvie Fleury screens from 1 March through 31 March on a media station in the ART building located on the corner of East 23rd Street and San Jacinto Boulevard.

Event Date
Women's feet in tall red stilleto heels walking on works of art