Photo of Myf

Landmarks is delighted to welcome Myf Shepherd, a Studio Art major in the College of Fine Arts at UT, as our Fall 2019 Education Intern.

17 October 2019
University of Texas Landmarks - Represents 19 james turrell the color inside 2013 photo by paul bardagjy.largerforstone?itok=TCzGlHnY

Landmarks interviewed Stone Tejeda, an undergraduate senior in Computer Science specializing in robotics at The University of Texas at Austin who also just completed his third summer as a Skyspace attendant. We caught up with Stone to learn more about his interest in the arts, music, computer science, and robotics.

Photo of Bella Cheng

Landmarks is delighted to welcome Bella Cheng, a second-year Studio Art major in the College of Fine Arts at UT, as our Fall 2019 Communications Intern.

Two people looking at Sol Lewitt's Wall Drawing #520

Intern Megan McKenzie reflects on Sol LeWitt’s Wall Drawing #520, and discusses conservation efforts with Landmarks’ assistant director of collections Nisa Barger.

25 September 2019
"We're Hiring" in a Landmarks Bubble

Landmarks is looking for a Communications Coordinator and Graphic Designer — application details inside.

singing group putting hands together in blue tinted room

New music series held every Sunday night in James Turrell’s The Color Inside