Sound in Sculpture


Four performers dressed in black play an assortment of instruments in front of Sol LeWitt's "Circle with Towers" a white concrete structure with tall towers topping a low wall.

Sound In Sculpture

Established in 2015, Sound in Sculpture is an annual multidisciplinary event in which student composers are invited to respond to works in Landmarks’ collection. Presented in partnership with Texas Performing Arts and the Sarah and Ernest Butler School of Music, the event offers a unique way to engage with Landmarks and ignites new understanding of the collection. 

Previous compositions for Sound in Sculpture have ranged from brass quartets and piano solos to voice and instrumental arrangements. Some performances have even incorporated dance, electronic noisemakers, and chance systems which inform actions within the compositions. 

Held each spring, Sound in Sculpture is always free and open to the public.  

Videos of select past performances can be viewed below:

Sound in Sculpture 2024:

Sound in Sculpture 2023:

Sound in Sculpture 2022:

Sound in Sculpture 2019:

Sound in Sculpture 2018:

Sound in Sculpture 2017:

Sound in Sculpture 2016: