Hello Lamp Post Talks to Austin and UT

People have a lot to say about Austin. Our fair city is often described as vibrant, eclectic, laid-back, creative, and of course, weird. But what does the Austin have to say about us–or rather, to us? Hello Lamp Post Austin gives you the opportunity to not only find out but let’s you talk back to the city.

Winner of the 2013 aptly named Playable City Award, Hello Lamp Post was developed by the UK-based design firm PAN Studio. Players use SMS to text a piece of street furniture—e.g. a lamp post, traffic light, utility box, manhole, or even a moontower—and will receive an immediate response. The player answers questions to keep the conversation going. The object will amass a body of material to use when conversing with future players, providing an even more robust experience. In short, your exchange helps to launch a larger conversation with the entire city. 

So how does it work? First, you’ll need to find an inventory or identifying number on the piece of street furniture that looks the chattiest. Let’s use 1234 as an example. Text hello lamp post #1234 (or traffic light, moontower, etc.) to 512-580-7373. You’ll receive a response–what you do with it is up to you! CultureMap and KUT recently covered Hello Lamp Post and how it works. Don’t limit your conversations to downtown Austin! You can play anywhere in the city, including The University of Texas at Austin!

Hello Lamp Post was coordinated by Austin Art in Public Places in partnership with Art Alliance Austin

The project runs through April. Visit the Hello Lamp Post website to learn about self-guided tours curated by each of the cultural partners, including Landmarks. Join us on Sunday, 12 April at 11 a.m. for a guided-tour of the original 40 acres and talk to some of UT’s oldest residents!