Help Reopen the Skyspace

18 January 2022


James Turrell's Skyspace, The Color Inside, is among Landmarks' best-loved works and an essential part of the Longhorn experience. Approximately 75,000 people visit the work each year, ranging from students and Austinites to art lovers from across the globe. Faculty regularly incorporate visits to the Skyspace into their curricula and students often cite it as their favorite place on campus to recharge. Popular programs associated with the work, such as Songs in the Skyspace, offer unique points of entry for audiences, including underrepresented students and communities.

COVID-19 necessitated the temporary closure of the Skyspace in March 2020. While shuttered, several major conservation and maintenance efforts were deferred. Landmarks needs your help now to complete the necessary work to reopen to the public in mid-February.

Over the next two weeks, we hope to raise $5,000 so we may welcome you back to the Skyspace and resume the dynamic programming that it inspires. From January 18 - February 1, we invite you to make a gift at any level to support conservation efforts, including:

  • Replacing the computer that runs the installation's light sequence 
  • Painting bench backs
  • Resealing the floor
  • Hiring and training staff and student attendants 

Read more about our conservation efforts. We look forward to welcoming you back soon!

To donate and read more about the campaign, visit Landmarks’ Hornraiser Page.