Meet Landmarks’ Fall 2022 Interns


Landmarks recently welcomed two new interns, Rachel Salcido and Elena Navarre, who joined our Communications and Education departments, respectively. These students will gain real-world experience at Landmarks, amassing skills that will help prepare them for life after college and a career in the arts. Learn more about Elena and Rachel in the blog below.

An image of Elena Navarre.

Elena Navarre is a senior at UT, double majoring in Classical Languages and Archaeology. She previously worked at the Harry Ransom Center as a volunteer docent and performing arts curatorial intern, and also volunteered in visitor services at the Blanton Museum of Art. 

How does your work with Landmarks further your professional goals?

  • It is my goal to explore as many different departments as I can within the museum world before I graduate. With my prior experience in visitor services and curatorial work, museum education seemed like a natural progression. Although I am not out of the woods yet, I’m eager to further explore museum and art education.

Do you have a favorite Landmarks work?

  • My favorite work is the James Turrell Skyspace, The Color Inside. I think it is fascinating to engage and experience an art installation that is almost entirely dependent on natural forces to showcase its ability and beauty. During sunrise and sunset, the space is transformed into a meditative yet playful space that sparks imagination and thought.

How does Landmarks impact your experience as a student?

  • Campus is much more engaging and appealing because of Landmarks. Not only are the pieces fun to view while walking to class, but they can be so thought provoking and memorable. The first thing I picture when I hear UT Austin: the tower. The second thing: Monochrome for Austin.


An image of Rachel Salcido

Rachel Salcido is a second year Studio Art major and Art History minor. Rachel runs a small business selling their work at small art markets and through an online shop.

How does your work with Landmarks further your professional goals?

  • Ideally, I would love to eventually work for an art institution such as a museum or gallery, whether it is on the frontlines as an art educator, or behind the scenes in a marketing department. As Landmarks’ communications intern, many of the skills I have developed running my own social media have translated nicely to engaging with Landmarks’ online audience.

What is your favorite work in Landmarks’ collection?

  • I have been absolutely mesmerized by Jennifer Steinkamp’s installation, EON, since I first saw it. Aside from its alluring display, I love the juxtaposition between its creation using modern technology and digital imaging, while displaying a sort of primordial underwater scene.

How does Landmarks impact your experience as a student?

  • Landmarks’ collection has become a part of my daily routine at UT. For example, I pass by the monthly video installation (Landmarks Video) every day in the Art building. I think Landmarks has allowed me to realize the importance of public art and its accessibility for all students throughout campus. The artworks we see every day on our way to class influence us, whether consciously or not.