A Student Take on the Landmarks Mobile Tour

Anapaula Guajardo
11 November 2020

This summer, Landmarks introduced a new way to enjoy the Landmarks collection through self-guided tours that can be accessed through a smart phone. UT senior and Communications Intern, Anapaula Guajardo, uses the app when she needs a Zoom break. Get to know the app’s features by reading her recap below

With the unprecedented changes COVID has presented in our lives, like many students on campus, I had to learn how to navigate my day to day. I try to find a balance of being productive while also stepping away from the computer screen to take breaks. The Landmarks app couldn’t have come at a better time. I was delighted to explore new ways of interacting with art, a much- needed comfort during this time. With most of Landmarks collection sited outdoors, I could view many works of art in the open-air without having to worry about putting my health at risk.  

Check out how easy it is to engage with the Landmarks collection from a smartphone:  

Self-Guided Tour

During my Zoom breaks, I go on walks around campus to freshen up and give my eyes a rest from the computer screen. For years, I've always passed by Landmarks' notable works of art, now with the app I am able to wind down, listen and learn.

On the app there are currently two options for a self-guided tour: 

Sights Along Speedway

This is a forty-minute tour with several key works of art located along Speedway, UT's main pedestrian thoroughfare. Included are modern and contemporary sculptures that span different decades and artistic movements. The tour starts at Mark Di Suvero's Clock Knot and ends at Joel Perlman's Square Tilt. 

Young People's Sights Along Speedway

If you are looking for an activity to do with your family, this tour is for you. This tour of art along Speedway is created specifically for young people and their caregivers. It offers a fun and safe activity for families and also takes about forty minutes to complete. 


Browse The Collection

Finding information about a specific work of art has never been easier. Tap the "Collection" tab at the bottom of the screen for general information about works in the Landmarks' collection, as well as audio guides, activity guides, and more. As a student who uses Spotify everyday as background study music, my favorite feature is Listening with Landmarks - musical playlists inspired by each art work. If you have already listened to the guided tours multiple times, like me, these specially curated playlists are wonderful to listen to during your walks. I personally love discovering new music and the app has made it so easy for me to do so. 

Activity Guides

Another great feature in the app are the activity guides included for many works of art. If you are isolated at home and are in desperate need of a creative break, or are looking for new ways to keep young learners busy and creative, Learning at Home with Landmarks provides multiple activities you can do at home with inexpensive supplies you might already own.


My younger sister did the activity guide for José Parlá's Amistad América and had a blast learning about Parlá's techniques, all while creating an artwork inspired by the artist. At first, my sister was intimidated by the idea of "creating art." She eased up once we started experimenting with tools, textures and creating patterns with vibrant colors. Like any true artist, I asked her what her inspiration was, to which she proudly replied, "feelings all mixed together." She explained that yellow represented happiness, red and pink signify love and there is a bit of blue for sadness. I was so thrilled she was able to express her thoughts and emotions visually. Art, especially now, has been my therapeutic escape and after this activity, I now share that with my sister. 

Landmarks prides itself on presenting art that is free and accessible to all. As an avid art lover and student on campus, this app motivated me to stay active and continue going on walks. It also provided me with multiple ways to relax and escape the hectic demands of the semester. Experience the Landmarks collection whether you are on Speedway or at home. 

To access the app, scan the QR code below or open the app here