Support Landmarks during 40 for Forty!

Three women stand around a sculpture cleaning and conserving it, with UT's 40 for 40 logo in the bottom right corner

Today and tomorrow, we are participating in 40 Hours for the Forty Acres– UT's annual fundraising event that encourages everyone to give to the UT people, places, and programs that are meaningful to them. For 40 hours, students, alumni, parents, faculty, staff and friends come together as a community to show their support.

As UT’s public art program, Landmarks enriches the lives of students and campus visitors by making great works of art broadly accessible and free for all. This year, we are raising funds to support the Landmarks Preservation Guild (LPG), a committed group of volunteer interns who examine and maintain the modern and contemporary art in the Landmarks collection.

While major construction projects pay for the art at UT, Landmarks needs your support to maintain and conserve the collection and train student volunteers. That’s why we’re counting on you today and tomorrow during 40 for Forty to support LPG.

To make a donation, visit: Thank you for your support!