Tocker Foundation Funds New Handbook

To celebrate its tenth anniversary, Landmarks is publishing the second edition of the collection handbook thanks to a generous gift from the Tocker Foundation. The catalog features recent acquisitions, including a community-based photography project by Ann Hamilton, a 4,000-square-foot mural by José Parlá, the complete Landmarks Video archive, as well as works by Marc Quinn, Nancy Rubins, Michael Ray Charles, James Turrell, and Sol LeWitt, among others. The volume also includes a detailed fold-out map of the collection and each artist entry features color photography, biographical and descriptive overview. 

The Tocker Foundation has a particular interest in supporting small, Texas libraries and provides resources to rural communities. Thank you for bringing public art to a broader audience!

Don't wait for fall 2018, order an advance copy through the University of Texas Press now!

cover of book with abstract painting