Welcome Education Intern Abby Drake

Vega Shah
14 February 2022

Welcome Education Intern Abby Drake

Landmarks welcomes Abby Drake as its spring 2022 Education Intern. Abby is a fourth-year Arts Education major pursuing minors in both Art History and African Diaspora studies. Vega Shah, Landmarks’ Communications intern, recently sat down with Abby to learn more about her and her role this semester at Landmarks.


What is your favorite work in Landmarks' collection?

My favorite work in the collection is definitely The West by Donald Lipski. I pass it every day on my walk to class and love seeing students engage with it. I find it interesting that the artwork was originally meant to be located indoors, because it is so well known in its outdoor location in the center of campus.

What special projects are you working on for Landmarks this semester?

I’m assisting with drafting language to be included in Landmarks new signage that is being placed alongside our works on campus. I think they will provide viewers with a much better context of the art they are seeing. I’m also creating activity guides for new projects that are coming up and a scavenger hunt for some of the outdoor sculptures.

What do you like to do in your free time and around campus?

Taking walks outside has been a great use of my free time recently, and a great way to see lots of things around Austin before I graduate. As an acrylic painter, a lot of my free time is also used to create my own artwork - centered around photos in my camera roll and memories from throughout my life.

Who is one of your favorite artists?

One of my favorite artists is Rose Wylie, a British painter. Although she has only gained international recognition in the past five years or so, she has been painting since my age and continues to do so at the age of 88.  I love the playful and childlike qualities of her work, and I’m also greatly inspired by her perseverance.

Do you have any post-grad plans?

I am planning to pursue an Art Education MA with a focus in Museum Studies! In the future, I want to work with students and people of all ages in a museum, while still continuing my own practice and growth as an artist.