Landmarks’ Welcomes Intern Fellow, SoJo Gonzalez

A headshot of SoJo Gonzalez

Landmarks welcomes SoJo Gonzalez as its inaugural Arts Administration Fellow. Administered through the College of Fine Arts (COFA), the Arts Administration Fellowship Program pairs COFA students with art organizations both on campus and in the greater community, providing them with a range of pre-professional experiences. Over the course of two years, the fellows complete semester-long internships, first at UT and then at an art organization in Austin. 

SoJo is a rising junior studying Music Composition and Film Scoring at UT’s Butler School of Music. This summer, she will assist Landmarks’ education department with programing for upcoming seasons of Songs in the Skyspace and Listening with Landmarks, along with other initiatives. 

Itza Cantera, Landmarks’ communications intern, recently sat down with SoJo to learn more about her and her role this summer at Landmarks.


Tell us a bit about your work with Music Composition and Film Scoring.

Initially, I had set my sights on moving to Los Angeles to pursue a career in a more specialized environment for Film Scoring and Music Production. However, fate had other plans, and I found myself in the perfect place at the perfect time -- UT! Being the only female composer in my major has been an honor and a challenge that I have embraced wholeheartedly. Although the lack of a dedicated program for my niche field has necessitated seeking opportunities elsewhere, it has also led me to valuable hands-on experiences, such as interning with a variety of producers and engineers, as well as music production studios.

How did you get involved with the COFA Arts Administration Fellowship?

From my understanding, the program sought motivated students who were eager to engage with the arts and deepen their involvement with the organizations associated with COFA. Through this internship, I expect to enhance my organizational skills, discover new tools for efficiency, and gain deeper insight into the fine arts field. 

How will this internship contribute to your professional goals? 

For both my personal development and my band, I believe this internship will significantly enhance my skills, enabling me to excel further in music and self-representation. As I work with Landmarks to help curate the upcoming season of Songs in the Skyspace, I'm particularly excited to learn more about the process for recruiting musicians for the program. I expect to gain expertise in branding and promotion, leveraging social media, and connecting with other arts organizations.

What is your favorite work in Landmarks collection?

My favorite artistic work is undoubtedly James Turrell’s Skyspace, The Color Inside. This exquisite circular structure is perched atop the Student Activities Center, providing a unique sanctuary for students to find peace and quiet during their busy days. What makes the Skyspace particularly enchanting is its ability to offer a fresh perspective on the sky, encouraging viewers to pause and reflect on the beauty of their surroundings from an entirely new angle. I am incredibly excited to be part of this project and help bring in local musicians as part of Songs in the Skyspace.

Anything else you would like to share?

I am eagerly anticipating the skills and insights I will gain from this internship with Landmarks. This experience promises to deepen my engagement with the Austin arts community on both a personal and professional level, and I am excited to see how it will shape my future career in music.