Landmarks’ blog, Latest, features timely updates on new installations, public programs, event announcements, volunteer and internship opportunities, and a range of other initiatives. Learning with Landmarks is a dedicated blog series highlighting the unique and innovative ways that students and other scholars use the collection. To view the entire series, click the button below.

A woman sits in James Turrell's Skyspace, "The Color Inside" during the day. The sun shines through a hole in the ceiling.

Research shows that looking at art is a proven technique for stress relief. Landmarks’ collection, including James Turrell’s Skyspace, The Color Inside, offers space for contemplation and opportunities for relaxation every day. Earlier this summer, we spoke with Dr. Rosa Schnyer, (DAOM, IFMCP, L.AC.) a doctor of Chinese medicine, functional clinician, and professor in the School of Nursing who uses Landmarks’ in her teaching and practice. In her seminar at UT Austin, “The Science of Mindfulness, the Art of Attention”, Dr. Schnyer focuses on actionable techniques to lower and manage stress. In this blog she spotlights the research behind mindfulness and wellness practices for her students, including the benefits of engaging with art.

Logo for Listening with Landmarks which has a radio tower in place of the letter i

Last fall, we announced our forth season of Listening with Landmarks, a digital initiative in which Austin music notables were invited to create playlists in response to their favorite works of art from our collection. Now we invite you to create your very own Spotify playlist in response to a work in our collection! Learn more in this blog!

An image of Eamon Ore-Giron's "Tras los ojos (Behind the Eyes)"

Landmarks recently celebrated the addition of Eamon Ore-Giron's Tras los ojos (Behind the Eyes) to its public art collection with an artist talk in collaboration with The Contemporary Austin.

A group of students surround a rabbit under Nancy Rubins' "Monochrome for Austin"

During 40 Hours for the Forty Acres we invite you to support Paws for Public Art, Landmarks' annual event which pairs art and animals to promote mental health.

An image of Jill Wilkinson and Landmarks Director Andrée Bober in front of Marc Quinn's "Spiral of the Galaxy"

Landmarks announced today the successful completion of its endowment campaign. Launched in 2019 with a transformative gift and challenge match from the Still Water Foundation, the campaign raised more than $7 million, ensuring Landmarks’ ability to serve campus and community for generations to come. The endowment will consolidate Landmarks’ core strengths and enable the program to expand educational initiatives, connect to new audiences, and bolster conservation efforts.

Image of Jinghong Zhang performing.

Read Landmarks interview with composer Jinghong Zhang in preperation for this year's Sound in Sculpture